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Luca Ramacciotti – Sogetsu Concentus Study Group

Ricevo e pubblico volentieri la notizia di un nuovo (e bellissimo) libro di ikebana che già dal titolo e dalla descrizione è molto suggestivo. Autrice è Soazic Le Franc che così illustra il suo libro: “In the west part of France, the seasons are not really differentiated from each other. Autumn can be either a belated Summer or an early Winter when Spring may decide to be either a rainy Winter or a blooming Summer. We hardly have scorching heat in Summer and snow in Winter. This book is dedicated to all the flower lovers, my friends. It shows how I use the large variety of plants found in Bretagne, season after season. The neo-rustic, modern and conceptual styles mark out my “kado” under the Sogetsu influence.”

Chant 2.jpg

L’autrice si presenta con il seguente curriculum: “During the 1980’s I have studied the occidental floral art at the national horticultural society of France (SNHF). Sogetsu school will attract me by its modernity during the 1990’s, alternating between ikebana and modern  or abstract occidental floral art. The new guidelines from Tokyo in 2008 gave me an another source of inspiration, parting me from the occidental floral art…Time must be allowed for time to find one’s own way, I tried several and very different styles depending on fashions and the seasons, then I follow Sogetsu school kado by my own way, driving with me : Kako; Nindo, Matsume, Shuu, Kinuhana, Niji, Yuri, Chosui, Hanaringo and all the flower’s lovers my friends, those of yesterday and those of today.

Lascio la parola a quattro stupende immagini che mi ha mandato in anteprima e al loro suggestivo titolo.

La Chanson de l'hiver

(La Chanson de l’hiver)

Le Chant du printemps

(Le Chant du printemps)

Nuit d'été

(Nuit d’été)

Nuage d'automne

(Nuage d’automne)

Il testo è in francese e per informazioni ed ordini: soasic.lefranc@orange.frArtfloral Asphodele

Concentus Study Group


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